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Pre- Franchise Package.

You may have heard of franchise opportunities that offer training, support and a proven business model. These are called "franchises," and they're one of the most popular ways to start your own business.

Franchising is a great way to get started, because it allows you to use another company's experience and expertise, while allowing you to focus on what you do best.


There are many benefits of franchising:

- Low franchise fee — You only pay less than 50k, which is typically much less than what it would cost for a traditional franchise. This can help you get started sooner and save money on fees in the long run.

- No royalty fee — Unlike other franchises, we don't charge any royalties or ongoing fees from our franchisees' profits. You keep 100% of your profits!

- Low capital investment — While some franchises require up to $250K for startup costs, it only takes about $50K to open a Rollie Cafe! We also provide financing options if needed (contact us for details).

- Multiple source of revenue — Our unique wellness program isn't just about selling products; it's about helping people achieve their health goals through coaching sessions and lifestyle changes (more on this later)


Coffee Counter

A basic Coffee Counter package includes a lightboard sign and 20 items on the menu for customers to choose from.

We provide all the basic equipment you need to have a fully operational coffee counter. Menu display included.



The first Coffee bike-cart in Malaysia!

Our Coffee Bike-cart is a unique and trendy new method of selling coffee. The Coffee Bike-cart can be easily operated by a single person and it is ideal for events, business and as a promotional tool. Our Coffee Bike-cart is a mobile unit that can be easily driven anywhere you want!

20 menu available. Menu display, lightboard signage & basic equipments is also provided.



Coffee kiosk

For those who would like to go bigger, this package is for you!

This package contains 80+ menus; Espresso, cold brew, chocolate, soda, matcha & frappes.

All equipments and trainings included.


*this price doesn't inlcude cafe renovation & decoration cost.

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